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Ministry Of Vengeance (1989) - John Schneider VHS


Ministry Of Vengeance (1989)


David Miller (John Schneider), to kill a Viet Cong child in self-defense, turns away from the military when he returns from the Vietnam War. Instead, David adopts a non-violent attitude and assumes a role as a clergyman. But when his wife and daughter are murdered in an airport in Rome by a Middle Easterner named Ali Aboud (Robert Miano), Miller demands action. The minister pleads with the head of the State Department, Mr. Whiteside (Yaphet Kotto), to do something in the name of justice - but to no avail. Whiteside will not even disclose where Aboud can be found, and Miller is left to track down the mass murderer himself. After some investigating, he discovers that Aboud is in Lebanon, but before he makes the trip, he enlists the aid of his friend Colonel Freeman to re-train him in combat. When he is finally ready to go after his nemesis, David arms himself and flies to Lebanon, but unbeknownst to him, Whiteside has sent Freeman to go along and keep an eye on him. It seems that Aboud is an agent working for the United States, and if Miller attempts to kill Aboud, Whiteside has ordered Freeman to kill Miller. How will Miller enact vengeance, gain justice, and escape with his life? You'll have to see it to believe it.

Starring :

John Schneider, Yaphet Kotto, Ned Beatty

Director :

Peter Maris


Running time : 96 Minutes

Language : English

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