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My Friend Irma (1949) - Jerry Lewis  DVD

My Friend Irma (1949) - Jerry Lewis DVD


My Friend Irma (1949) 

When My Friend Irma hit the silver screen in 1949, the course of movie comedy was changed forever with the film debut of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis.
Dean and Jerry serve up their fresh mix of hilarity and song as juice bar operators Steve and Seymour. After a shifty talent manager hears Steve's golden voice, it seems like the two pals may get a shot at showbiz. But before they do, they'll have to survive a merry-go-round of laughs, romance and misadventure along with their manager's zany girlfriend Irma and her straitlaced roommate. See where the legend of Martin and Lewis began...with My Friend Irma

Starring :

Jerry Lewis, Dean Martin, John Lund

Director :

George Marshall


Running time : 103 Minutes

Language : English


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