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Mystery Train (1989) - Jim Jarmusch DVD

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Mystery Train (1989) 

Region code 1 (USA)

After the critical triumphs of Stranger Than Paradise and Down By Law, director Jim Jarmusch was called "the most arresting filmmaker to surface in the American cinema" by The New York Times. Mystery Train is a "smart and curiously affecting" (The Nation) comedy, that is "funny and thoroughly satisfying" (The New York Times)!

Named after an Elvis Presley hit, Mystery Train interweaves three engrossing stories, all centering around the Presley legend and his beloved hometown of Memphis. As the character's paths collide - through laughter, fear and fate - you can practically feel the presence of the King himself in every scene...and his legacy impressed on a generation of equally lost souls in this "wry, brilliantly structured comedy" (Boxoffice).

Starring :

Masatoshi Nagase, Steve Buscemi, Elizabeth Bracco

Director :

Jim Jarmusch


Running time : 110 Minutes

Language : English

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