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Naughty But Nice (1939) - Dick Powell  DVD

Naughty But Nice (1939) - Dick Powell DVD


Naughty But Nice (1939)

Professor Hardwick teaches at Winfield College and detests the new swing music that is the craze. He has written a rhapsody which he takes to New York to be published. Staying with his Aunt Martha, he is surrounded by swing and after a few drinks, he is photographed hanging on the chandelier. He finds that he can only sell his rhapsody to Eddie and Miss McKay puts lyrics to it. It is a big swing sensation and the partnership of Hardwick and McKay crank out the hits until Zelda breaks up the team. Zelda wants to sing the hot songs and have Hudson, the Home of the Hits, publish the music.

Starring :

Dick Powell, Ann Sheridan, Gale Page

Director :

Ray Enright


Running time : 89 Minutes

Language : English


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