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Never Let Go (1960) - Peter Sellers  DVD

Never Let Go (1960) - Peter Sellers DVD


Never Let Go (1960)

On the violent streets of London, thieves steal cars, remodel them and sell them on the black market at the blink of an eye...but this time they've met their match. Oscar® nominee Peter Sellers (Being There) stars as the head of a vicious auto theft gang in this gripping underworld thriller full of grit, defiance and suspense.

It's hard making a living, and for downtrodden cosmetics salesman John Cummings (Richard Todd), it gets even harder when his brand-new car is pinched. Drowning it debt and desperate to prove to his wife that he's not a failure, he'll stop at nothing to get his wheels back. But when his snooping ticks off the gang's ruthless boss (Sellers), a final showdown between the two men becomes inevitable. The only question is, who will drive away?

Starring :

Peter Sellers, Richard Todd, Elizabeth Sellars, Adam Faith

Director :

John Guillermin


Running time : 87 Minutes

Language : English

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