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Night Of The Warrior (1991) - Lorenzo Lamas VHS


Night Of The Warrior (1991)


Set against the steamy and bizarre Los Angeles inner city back streets is the brutal world of illegal kickboxing, known as "human cockfights." Miles Keane (Lorenzo Lamas) is one fight away from financial freedom on his quest to buy a respectable nightclub and repay the loan to his promoter, Lynch (Anthony Geary).

But Lynch, who is heavily in debt to a Korean gangster consortium, reneges on his promise after Miles wins the fight. He pleads with Miles to fight the Korean contender, but Miles refuses. Now, Miles is framed and hunted as the prime suspect in a murder, and his girlfriend (Kathleen Kinmont) is kidnapped and threatened not to be released alive unless Miles agrees to fight.

In a final confrontation, Miles must face overwhelming odds in the fight of his life.

Starring :

Lorenzo Lamas, Arlene Dahl

Director :

Rafael Zielinski


Running time : 96 Minutes

Language : English

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