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On The Isle Of Samoa (1950) - Jon Hall  DVD

On The Isle Of Samoa (1950) - Jon Hall DVD


On The Isle Of Samoa (1950) 

Ex-flyer Kenneth Crandall is surprised by his boss in an Australian nightclub, while attempting a robbery. Papita, Crandall's accomplice and the boss's wife, is shot and killed by her husband, but Crandall escapes with the money. He steals an airplane and crashes on an uncharted Samoan island, where he is befriended by Peter Appleton, the sole white man; Chief Tihoti and a beautiful native girl, Moana. Crandall is obsessed with the idea of returning to civilization with his loot and, after much persuasion, he gets the natives to build an air strip while he repairs the damaged airplane. 

Starring :

Jon Hall, Susan Cabot, Raymond Greenleaf

Director :

William Berke


Running time : 65 Minutes

Language : English


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