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On The Sunny Side (1942) - Roddy McDowell   DVD

On The Sunny Side (1942) - Roddy McDowell DVD


On The Sunny Side (1942) 

Because of the war, a 12-year-old boy from England, Hugh, is sent to live with the Andrews family in Ohio. Don, the Andrews' 11-year-old son, eagerly accepts the English boy, and is happy when his school-friends do the same. But his isn't so happy when things begin to change when his father fore-goes their evening game of Chinese Checkers to play chess with Hugh, and Hugh shows himself to be a formidable scholar, and impresses Don's girlfriend Betty, and becomes more popular with the boys than Don was...and Don is beginning to think that Hugh is too much of a good thing. Don gets downright depressed and decides to run away.

Starring :

Roddy McDowell, Jane Darwell, Stanley Clements

Director :

Harold D. Schuster


Running time : 70 Minutes

Language : English


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