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Platinum Blonde (1931) - Jean Harlow    Colorized Version  DVD

Platinum Blonde (1931) - Jean Harlow Colorized Version DVD


Platinum Blonde (1931)

Colorized Version

In the film that began her legendary career, Jean Harlow stars in this romantic comedy directed by Academy Award winner Frank Capra (Best Director: It Happened One Night, 1935; Mr. Deeds Goes To Town, 1937; You Can't Take It With You, 1939). Written to showcase her talent, looks and charm, Platinum Blonde is a glorious spoof of the newspaper business in New York City during the Depression; Ann Schuyler (Harlow), a wealthy socialite, meets reporter "Stew" Smith (Robert Williams) and the two fall madly in love.

The comedy begins as she tries to transform him from a ruffian newsman to a convincing gentleman. "Stew," who is quick with wisecracks, is slow to realize teh dangers of being a kept man. At first, he likes the idle life of the rich, but there's trouble in paradise. Soon this "Cinderella Man" turns the social register upside down with his mocking repartee.

To his rescue is Gallagher (Loretta Young), a sympathetic friend and co-worker at the newspaper. She comforts and consoles Stew and, in classic Capra style, helps him right into Harlow's own arms.

Starring :

Jean Harlow, Loretta Young, Robert Williams

Director :

Frank Capra


Running time : 89 Minutes

Language : English

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