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Play Dirty (1968) - Michael Caine DVD

Play Dirty (1968) - Michael Caine DVD


Play Dirty (1968)

They had no rules, no plan and no way out. Now on DVD for the first time, this riveting adventure stars two-time Oscar®-winner Michael Caine as a stiff-upper lipped British fuel expert hired to aid a renegade troop of misfits on a sure suicide mission: cross 650 miles through the unforgiving Sahara Desert and into hostile Nazi territory to destroy a strategic oil reserve.

Hired by the British Army to sabotage a fuel pipeline by the Nazis, Captain Douglas (Caine) and his volatile troop of loose-cannon mercenaries battle through sandstorms, near-capture and land mines to reach their target. But when victory is all but in their grasp, a terrible twist of fate forces Mother England to do the unthinkable...send these brave, all-or-nothing group of heroes into a deadly German trap.

Starring :

Michael Caine, Nigel Davenport

Director :

Andre De Toth


Running time : 118 Minutes

Language : English



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