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Police Academy 6 : City Under Siege (1989) - Bubba Smith VHS


Police Academy 6 : City Under Siege (1989)


A crime spree called Operation Chaos is plaguing the city. Time to call out our frontline defense. And when that defense is made up of Police Academy alumni, it's also time to pray!

Bubba Smith, Michael Winslow, David Graf, Marion Ramsey, Leslie Easterbrook, G.W. Bailey, George Gaynes and other returnees strap on laugh-riot gear for Police Academy 6: City Under Siege. A mysterious Mr. Big is the mastermind behind a gang that robs banks and jewelers. Cmdt. Lassard is suspected when it becomes clear that a police department information leak is keeping the bad guys one step ahead. Solving the case won't take a mastermind, just an arsenal of gags and goofiness in the fun Police Academy tradition.

Starring :

Bubba Smith, Michael Winslow, David Graf

Director :

Peter Bonerz


Running time : 84 Minutes

Language : English

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