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Prehistoric Women (1967)  DVD

Prehistoric Women (1967) DVD

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Prehistoric Women (1967)

While on safari in Africa, big game hunter David Marchant is captured by a hostile tribe and taken to a temple guarded by a statue of a white rhino. When a lightning bolt splits the temple wall, Marchant runs through and enters a prehistoric world where he meets the striking blonde Saria, who is one of several fair-haired tribeswomen oppressed by a rival group of dark haired vixens led by the evil Queen Kari.

Kari's clan regard all men as inferior and David has become Kari's next target. When he resists her advances, a riot breaks out and leaves David desperate to escape the grasp of the Prehistoric Women.

Starring :

Michael Latimer, Steven Berkoff

Director :

Michael Carreras


Running time : 87 Minutes

Language : English



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