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Sands Of Iwo Jima (1949) - John Wayne  DVD

Sands Of Iwo Jima (1949) - John Wayne DVD


Sands Of Iwo Jima (1949)

Marine Corps Sergeant John M. Stryker is a tough guy with an even tougher job - turn a platoon of raw recruits into a combat-ready fighting machine. He pushes them mentally and physically to their limits - with discipline, hard work, and sometimes with his fists - and they hate him for it, especially Pfc. Conway (John Agar), the son of Stryker's former CO. Soon Stryker's lessons and their courage are put to the test in a costly skimish, but the worst is yet to come in one of World War II's fiercest battles, the taking of Iwo Jima. Actual combat footage and the famous flag-raising scene on Mt. Suribachi highlight this gripping human drama of heroism and conquest.

Starring :

John Wayne, John Agar, Forrest Tucker

Director :

Allan Dwan


Running time : 109 Minutes

Language : English

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