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Santiago (1956) - Alan Ladd  DVD

Santiago (1956) - Alan Ladd DVD


Santiago (1956) 

Alan Ladd delivers the goods in an explosive tale of revolution and greed, directed by action ace Gordon Douglas. Desperate for arms in their fight against Spain, Cuban partisans agree to double the price if American gunrunner Cash Adams (Ladd) smuggles a boatload of weapons to their Santiago hideout. into an uneasy alliance with an old enemy (Lloyd Nolan) and a sexy freedom fighter (Helen of Troy's Rossana Podesta), Adams must battle his way through naval blockades, dense jungles and heavily guarded passes to convey the munitions to a remote mountain outpost where the rebels and payment await. Shot on a specially-built jungle set still in use today (currently the site of True Blood's Merlotte's Bar & Grill), Santiago is Ladd at his two-fisted best: cynical, cool and tough as nails.

Starring :

Alan Ladd, Lloyd Nolan, Rossana Podesta

Director :

Gordon Douglas


Running time : 93 Minutes

Language : English

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