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Sea Devils (1937) - Victor McLaglen  DVD

Sea Devils (1937) - Victor McLaglen DVD


Sea Devils (1937)

Brash young Coast Guardsman Mike O'Shay and much-decorated CPO 'Medals' Malone hate each other even before they meet, and their enmity isn't helped by O'Shay's attraction to Doris, Medals' daughter. Medals has plans for Doris to marry officer's candidate Steve, and does everything he can to keep Mike and Doris apart. When Steve is seriously injured on an iceberg demolition assignment because Malone and O'Shay are fighting, courts martial are in order. Malone swears he'll say anything to get O'Shay drummed out of the service, but whose story will the officers believe? 

Starring :

Victor McLaglen, Preston Foster, Ida Lupino

Director :

Benjamin Stoloff


Running time : 87 Minutes

Language : English

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