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Secret Agent Fireball (1965) - Richard Harrison

Secret Agent Fireball (1965) - Richard Harrison


Secret Agent Fireball (1965) 


In this espionage drama, an American CIA agent must find the whereabouts of valuable microfilm that was smuggled over by two Russian scientists who had been hoping to defect. Unfortunately, they died for their efforts and the film fell into the greedy hands of a Lebanese business magnate who is also killed. In desperation the agent convinces the dead man’s niece that he needs that film and she tells him where it is located. Just as he is about to get the film, a Russian spy grabs it, tells him that he is a double agent, grabs the niece, and rushes off in a stolen speed boat. Fortunately, a helicopter is nearby and the good agent jumps in and flies off after the fleeing spy.

Starring :

Richard Harrison, Dominique Boschero, Wandisa Guida

Director :

Luciano Martino


Running time : 97 Minutes

Language : English, Italian

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