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September Storm (1960) - Robert Strauss  DVD

September Storm (1960) - Robert Strauss DVD


September Storm (1960) 

A CinemaScope Stereovision adventure that plunges the viewer into the depths of the Balearic Sea, off the coast of Spain. Mark Stevens stars as a treasure-hunter who convinces a yacht hand (Asher Dann) to take him and his cohart (Robert Strauss) on a quest for gold doubloons. They encounter many spectacles along the way: a violent storm, man-eating sharks, a deadly man' war. but perhaps the most stunning sight of all is the bewitching model (Joanne Dru) who embarks on the journey with them. Director Bryan Haskins (The War of the Worlds, Robinson Crusoe on Mars_ uses the 3-D camera to maximum effect, while hardboiled writer W.R Burnett (The Asphalt Jungle, Little Caesar) injects the screenplay with liberal does of seduction and betrayal.

Starring :

Robert Strauss, Joanne Dru, Mark Stevens

Director :

Bryan Haskins


Running time : 92 Minutes

Language : English

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