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So Big (1953) - Jane Wyman  DVD

So Big (1953) - Jane Wyman DVD


So Big (1953)

After the death of her father and the loss of his fortune, Selina takes a job teaching school in the Dutch community of New Holland. She stays with the Pools and teaches young Roelf piano. He has a crush on her, but it is Pervus she marries. Dirk is their only child. After a few years Pervus dies. With a young child and only the farm, Selina begins her quest to grow high quality vegetables. She wants more for Dirk and guides his life until he graduates from college as an architect. As her vegetable label prospers, she sees Paula control Dirk's life as he moves away from creating and into sales, which is not where he wants to go.

Starring :

Jane Wyman, Sterling Hayden, Nancy Olson

Director :

Robert Wise


Running time : 102 Minutes

Language : English




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