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Sorceress (1982)  DVD

Sorceress (1982) DVD


Sorceress (1982) 

From legendary producer Roger Corman comes the box office hit of 1982, Sorceress! When an evil wizard, Traigon, makes a pact with the dark forces to sacrifice his first born to his God Caligara in oder to gain the highest degree of power, he wasn't prepared to have his wife give birth to twins. The Twins then escape and grow up to be two beautiful warriors (Leigh and Lynette Harris, Playboy Playmates) and they vow to avenge their mother's death, as well as their adopted family's death from Traigon and his army! With the twins blessed with the forces of light and strength of warriors given to them by the magical warrior Krona, and with the help of Valdar the Viking and Erlick the Barbarian, the "two who are as one" take on all sorts of Traigon's minions. From an army of ape men to undead zombies, the twins must overcome one horrific foe after another, climaxing in an all out battle between good and evil! Now watch this cult classic, not only from a brand new HD Master, but from a previously never before seen longer version!

Starring :

Lynette Harris, Leigh Harris

Director :

Jack Hill


Running time : 83 Minutes

Language : English


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