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Spring Madness (1938) - Maureen O´Sullivan  DVD

Spring Madness (1938) - Maureen O´Sullivan DVD


Spring Madness (1938) 

In their last semester at Harvard, Sam Thatcher and his roommate, who is nicknamed "The Lippencott", have grand ideas of seeing the remote corners of the world, they having booked passage on a freighter from New York to Siberia, the trip immediately after they graduate. They plan to live and observe the economic life there for two years before they settle down. They've had such plans since they were freshmen, not wanting to be tied down to the American rat race immediately following graduation. Sam, however, has not mentioned any of these plans to his girlfriend, Alex Benson, also a student in her final semester at the New England College for Women. Alex wants Sam to attend the college's spring dance with her to be able to show him off to the other girls, the dance a rite of passage to a serious commitment. Sam doesn't want to lead Alex on by attending but also doesn't want to miss one last opportunity to see her...

Starring :

Maureen O´Sullivan, Lew Ayres, Ruth Hussey, Burgess Meredith

Director :

S. Sylvan Simon


Running time : 67 Minutes

Language : English


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