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Stick ´Em Up Darling (1974) - Ursula Andress UNCUT DVD

Stick ´Em Up Darling (1974) - Ursula Andress UNCUT DVD


Stick ´Em Up Darling (1974)

Nora is a stewardess for ATI Airlines. She lands in Naples: a stranger gives her $100 to deliver a letter to Silvera, a brawny thug who has his boys work her over, convinced she's in league with "Il Americano," a mysterious underworld figure. Manuel, a young boxer, helps Nora get to her hotel and convinces her to seek police help. Wherever she goes, three rival gangs may be following her: Silvera's men, a gang led by a guy in a priest's cassock, and a smooth operator who gives Nora a consultant fee for information. Drugs may be behind the machinations. Is Nora more than an innocent bystander? A fistfight and a car chase bring matters to a head. What about Manuel?

Starring :

Ursula Andress, Woody Strode, Marc Porel, Isabella Biagini, Lino Banfi, Aldo Giuffrè, Maurizio Arena, Rosario Borelli, Carla Brait, Renato Baldini, Raul Lovecchio, Sergio Ammirata 

Director :

Fernando Di Leo

Running time : 92 minutes

Languages : English

Widescreen 1.78:1


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