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Taps (1981) - George C. Scott Laserdisc 2 Laserdisc Set PAL


Taps (1981) 

2 Laserdisc Set, UK, PAL

In this compelling drama, a cadet major (Timothy Hutton) leads his fellow military students in an armed revolt to prevent authorities from turning their school into a condominium complex. His surrogate father, who is also the academy's commander (George C. Scott), vows to fight the closing as well. But when an unexpected accident leads to the school's demise, military discipline goes haywire and tragedy results. Sean Penn, Tom Cruise and Ronny Cox co-star in this thought-provoking film that questions the values and morals of today's society.

Starring :

George C. Scott, Timothy Hutton
Director :
Harold Becker
Running time : 121 Minutes 
Language : English



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