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Tarantula (1955) - John Agar  Colorized Version

Tarantula (1955) - John Agar Colorized Version


Tarantula (1955) - DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

Colorized Version

In the Arizona desert, Professor Gerald Deemer is experimenting with growth hormones in the hopes of finding a way to increase the world's food supply. His partner in the project was recently found dead in the desert, suffering from a disease that normally takes years to advance but in his case seems to have afflicted him in only a few days. The local doctor, Matt Hastings, is puzzled by the strange case and with Deemer's recently arrived - and very pretty - assistant Stephanie Clayton tries to figure out what is going on. When cattle remains are found in the countryside, the evidence points to a giant tarantula as the culprit.               

Starring :

John Agar, Mara Corday

Director :

Jack Arnold


Running time : 80 Minutes

Language : English

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