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The Baron And The Kid (1984) - Johnny Cash  DVD

The Baron And The Kid (1984) - Johnny Cash DVD


The Baron And The Kid (1984)

William "The Baron" Addington is a former pool pro whose lifetime of boozing has cost him his career and family. Determined to straighten out his life, he gave up drinking and now plays pool only for charity. Eventually, The Baron encounters Billy Joe "The Cajun Kid" Stanley - a brash young pool hustler with immense potential. Managed by Jack Streamer, The Kid travels from hall to hall, swindling opponents. After a series of chance revelations, The Baron discovers that The Kid is his son - a product of his long-ago relationship with Dee-Dee Stanley. But instead of revealing the true nature of their relationship, The Baron befriends the boy and acts as a positive role model for him by entering legitimate, high stakes pool tournaments. As father and son grow closer, Streamer starts to fear that he's losing his grip on The Kid and sets out to destroy The Baron by framing him for dirty pool in the biggest competition of his career.

Starring :

Johnny Cash, Darren McGavin, Greg Webb

Director :

Gary Nelson


Running time : 95 Minutes

Language : English

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