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The Bellboy (1960) - Jerry Lewis DVD


The Bellboy (1960) 

Region code 2 (Europe)

Jerry Lewis made his acclaimed directorial debut in this rollicking comedy hit. Anything can go wrong - and does - when Lewis Stars as Stanley, a non-speaking, bumbling bellhop at the ritzy Fontainebleau Hotel in Florida's Miami Beach, Guests may come and guests may go, but Stanley is on duty day after day at the posh resort, encountering (and creating) all sorts of catastrophes, including confrontations with hard-to-please guests, misplaced room keys, misdirected telephone calls, and run-ins with Milton Berle and...entertainer Jerry Lewis!

Starring :

Jerry Lewis, Bob Clayton

Director :

Jerry Lewis


Running time : 69 Minutes

Language : English, German  Dolby Digital 1.0

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