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The Blob (1988) - Kevin Dillon  DVD

The Blob (1988) - Kevin Dillon DVD


The Blob (1988)

The Blob has returned in this horrific tale about a vile, malignant life-form that crashes to earth in a cozy, rural American town called Arborville. Untroubled by conscience or intellect, the Blob does only one thing - and it does it well. It eats anything and everything that moves: men, women, children. And tonight it wants to swallow Arborville whole. The original version of The Blob thrilled and terrified audiences back in the 1950s. Now the oozing, gooey killer is back with a whole new high-tech look. What was once only suggested now comes to life in this visually gut-wrenching thriller in the tradition of such classic remakes as The Thing and The Fly.

Starring :

Kevin Dillon, Joe Seneca

Director :

Chuck Russell


Running time : 95 Minutes

Language : English

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