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The Chairman (1969) - Gregory Peck  DVD

The Chairman (1969) - Gregory Peck DVD


The Chairman (1969)

Oscar®-winning legend Gregory Peck drives this powerful spy drama highlighted by an "ambitious, provocative" (The New York Times) premise and a climax heralded as "a genuine, superbly handled exercise in edge-of-the-seat excitement" (Films and Filming)

When Nobel-winning scientist Hathaway (Peck) receives a strange letter, the last place he expects it to lead him is into Communist China - as a spy! Sent to decode a formula that could save millions, Hathaway has no idea whom he can trust, and no assistance. Worst of all, his handlers haven't told him that the transmitting device implanted in his head is also a bomb. And if things get too hot, they're prepared to detonate!

Starring :

Gregory Peck, Anne Heywood, Arthur Hill

Director :

J. Lee Thompson


Running time : 98 Minutes

Language : English

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