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The Changeling (1980) - George C. Scott  DVD

The Changeling (1980) - George C. Scott DVD


The Changeling (1980) 

Here is an award-winning feature that boldly mixes a frightful ghost story with a great suspense plot and keeps you guessing all the way.

George C. Scott and Trish Van Devere star in a thriller that challenges the viewer to solve its mystery. It's a haunted-house adventure complete with seances, nocturnal grave-diggings, ghostly spirits, and an ancient puzzle jealously guarded by a devious man (Academy Award winner Melvyn Douglas). Scott is splendid as the man who becomes an unwilling instrument of a ghost's revenge and learns to trust no one. Eerily entwining a detective story with the mystery of the supernatural, The Changeling delivers solid entertainment and a frightening good time.

Starring : 

George C. Scott, Jean Marsh, Melvyn Douglas

Director :

Peter Medak


Running time : 115 Minutes

Language : English



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