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The Don´s Analyst (1997) - Rick Aiello  DVD

The Don´s Analyst (1997) - Rick Aiello DVD


The Don´s Analyst (1997)

Don Vito Leoni, the Godfather, is clinically depressed. The world has changed and he hasn't. He'd like to retire, but if he left the "family business" to his two idiot sons, they'd be dead in a minute. So he decides to go legit, which convinces everyone that he must be completely off the deep end. To preserve their cushy lives, his dysfuntional family conspires to get him some psycho-therepy. So his boys kidnap a "piasan" shrink and order him to "fix" their father. This film, which premired on Showtime, pre-dated the very similarly plotted "Analyze This" by over a year. 

Starring :

Rick Aiello, Robert Loggia, Kevin Pollak, Sherilyn Fenn

Director :

David Jablin


Running time : 104 Minutes

Language : English

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