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The Ghoul (1933) - Boris Karloff  DVD  Colorized Version

The Ghoul (1933) - Boris Karloff DVD Colorized Version


The Ghoul (1933) 

Colorized Version

In an eerie, fog-shrouded London, an ancient curse has been unleashed...and a reign of terror is about to begin! Horror movie legend Boris Karloff is unforgettable in this "-curdling" thriller that brings to life the classic tale of the mummy!

On his deathbed, famed Egyptologist Professor Morlant (Karloff) instructs his assistant to bury him with an ancient jewel he believes will grant him eternal life. But soon after he's entombed, the sacred treasure is ripped from his hand by a mysterious grave robber. Now, filled with fury, Morlant rises from his crypt as a grotesquely decaying mummy determined to avenge the theft...and destroy everything in his path!

Starring :

Boris Karloff, Cedric Hardwicke, Ralph Richardson

Director :

T. Hayes Hunter


Running time : 80 Minutes

Language : English

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