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The Grass Is Greener (1961) - Cary Grant  DVD

The Grass Is Greener (1961) - Cary Grant DVD


The Grass Is Greener (1961)

From the star and director of Charade and Indiscreet. When a struggling British earl (Cary Grant) opens his manor to the public, what he wants is some badly needed money...what he gets is a handsome American millionaire (Robert Mitchum) who sweeps the earl's gorgeous wife (Deborah Kerr) off her feet. Encouraged by his wife's chatterbox best friend (Jean Simmons), the jealous earl invites his wife's lover up for the weekend to engage in some fishing and a duel. Woven together with a wide streak of humor, The Grass is Greener is a wonderful, surprisingly rich and blunt scrutiny of marital troubles and endurance. Produced and directed by Stanley Donen (Funny Face).

Starring :

Cary Grant, Robert Mitchum, Deborah Kerr, Jean Simmons

Director :

Stanley Donen


Running time : 105 Minutes

Language : English

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