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The Human Monster (1940) - Bela Lugosi  Colorized Version  DVD

The Human Monster (1940) - Bela Lugosi Colorized Version DVD


The Human Monster (1940) 

Colorized Version

Legendary Dracula star Bela Lugosi has one of his more sadistic and horrific roles as a fraudulent insurance broker in this eerie British thriller. The Human Monster is based on a story by Edgar Wallace, the renowned mystery writer. Scotland Yard detective Lieutenant Holt (Hugh Williams) is charged with investigating the mysterious drowning of five people. Lugosi plays Doctor Orloff who has written the insurance policies on all of the victims. Holt's investigation leads him to a home for the blind after he discovers a Braille message in the pocket of the latest murdered body. He enlists the aid of the beautiful daughter (Greta Gynt) of one of the deceased to help investigate the murderous activities at the home. The inspector finds himself racing against the clock to put the pieces of the mysterious puzzle together before another murder takes place and the surprise ending is revealed.

The macabre atmosphere is established by the opening shot of a corpse floating in the Thames. The terror grows when we are introduced to a hideously deformed blind giant named Jake, who acts as Orloff's henchman. Released in England as Dark Eyes of London, The Human Monster has the distinction of being the first British film to be given an "H" (for Horror) rating certificate.

Starring :

Bela Lugosi, Greta Gynt

Director :

Walter Summers


Running time : 75 Minutes

Language : English


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