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The Invasion (2007) - Daniel Craig  HD DVD

The Invasion (2007) - Daniel Craig HD DVD


The Invasion (2007)



Something terrifying has come to Earth, something that attacks us while we sl--p and turns us into soulless replicants. The clock is ticking as Washington, DC psychiatrist Carol Bennell (Nicole Kidman) and her colleague Ben Driscoll (Daniel Craig) embark on a heart-stopping journey into a nightmarish world where the only way to stay alive is to stay awake. No one can be trusted. No one is safe in producer Joel Silver's bold new take on Jack Finney's classic novel The Body Snatchers.

Starring :

Daniel Craig, Nicole Kidman

Director :

Oliver Hirschbiegel


Running time : 99 Minutes

Language : English, German, Spanish, French  Dolby Digital Plus 5.1


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