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The Last Days Of Patton (1986) - George C.»Scott VHS


The Last Days Of Patton (1986) 


More than a decade after winning an Academy Award for Patton, actor George C. Scott reprises the role that earned him Hollywood's top honor. Playing General S. Patton in The Last Days of Patton he picks up where its predecessor left off.

In the months after World War II, the war that made Patton a hero, he is gravely injured in a car accident. The doctors of the Army Medical Corps don't expect him to survive, to the devastation of his wife, who dutifully stays by his side during his final months.

While he lay in the hospital awaiting death, he looks back to his younger years and reminisces about his glory. Don't miss this inspirational tale about one of America's great heroes.

Starring :

George C. Scott, Katherine Leigh Scott

Director :

Delbert Mann


Running time : 146 Minutes

Language : English

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