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The Party Crashers (1958) - Bobby Driscoll  DVD

The Party Crashers (1958) - Bobby Driscoll DVD


The Party Crashers (1958)

An unruly teenage gang, led by Mark Damon, gets their kicks by crashing square teen parties around town. At an innocent teen gathering, Damon charms rich spoiled brat Connie Stevens into accompanying him to a motel party and she drags along her decent young date (ex-child star Bobby Driscoll). While there, Damon discovers his alcoholic mother (Doris Dowling), who falls down a flight of stairs while struggling to get away from her son. Along the way, we get to know the kids' parents who provide us with an insight as to their children's troubled lives. Both Farmer and Driscoll's last movie before moving to television work.

Starring :

Bobby Driscoll, Mark Damon, Connie Stevens

Director :

Bernard Girard


Running time : 76 Minutes

Language : English


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