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The Philadelphia Experiment (1984) - Michael Pare DVD


The Philadelphia Experiment (1984) 

Region code 1 (USA)

Philadelphia, 1943: A top-secret experiment is underway to make U.S. Navy ships invisible to enemy radar, but something goes horribly wrong, and the Battleship Eldridge disappears. Two sailors jump overboard - and are mysteriously transported 41 years into the future. On the run and trapped by the past, can they stop the experiment that has torn a hole in time?

Michael Pare (Eddie & The Cruisers) and Nancy Allen (Carrie, Dressed To Kill) star in this provocative sci-fi action hit, executive produced by Halloween creator John Carpenter!

Starring :

Michael Pare, Nancy Allen

Director :

Stewart Rafill


Running time : 101 Minutes

Language : English

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