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The Quiet Gun (1957) - Lee Van Cleef  DVD

The Quiet Gun (1957) - Lee Van Cleef DVD


The Quiet Gun (1957) 

A cattle rustler clad in black leather (Lee Van Cleef, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly) intends to run a stolen herd to Hell's Canyon. But first he must pass through Rock River, a town plagued by prejudice and corruption, but presided over by the tough but fair Sheriff Brandon (Forrest Tucker, TV's F Troop). When a man (Jim Davis) is lynched so that his ranch can be taken, Brandon faces down not only the cattle thief but his own townspeople, in a tireless effort to uphold the law. In the tradition of High Noon, The Quiet Gun is a tightly woven Western that exposes the hypocrisy of the morally pious, and valorizes those individuals who dare to stand up against injustice.

Starring :

Lee Van Cleef, Forrest Tucker

Director :

William Claxton


Running time : 77 Minutes

Language : English

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