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The Reivers (1969) - Steve McQueen  Blu-ray

The Reivers (1969) - Steve McQueen Blu-ray


The Reivers (1969) 

Region code B (Europe)

It's a grand and spectacular "horseless carriage" - a shiny yellow 1905 Winton Flyer automobile. Its owner is Mississippi plantation owner "Boss" (Will Geer), who has left it sitting unattended. But hired hand Boon Hogganbeck (Steve McQueen) decides it would be the ideal vehicle to take him and his buddy, stable hand Ned McCaslin (Oscar nominee Rupert Crosse), on a glorious whirlwind jaunt to distant Memphis. And along for the ride is Boss's earnest 12-year-old grandson, Lucius (Mitch Vogel), who finds himself reluctantly drafted to be the third "reiver" (an old Scottish word for 'thief') aboard his grandfather's car. So starts a bumpy journey that sweeps the trio into encounters with both Boss's raucous gal pal (Sharon Farrell) at a brothel and a corrupt racist sheriff, as well as a spellbinding, winner-takes-all horse race -with ownership of the Winton Flyer at stake! Based on William Faulkner's esteemed novel, The Reivers is an irresistible slice-of-life adventure directed by Mark Rydell (The Rose, On Golden Pond) and featuring John Williams' Oscar® nominated musical score.

Starring :

Steve McQueen, Sharon Farrell, Michael Constantine, Clifton James, Ruth White

Director :

Mark Rydell


Running time : 112 Minutes

Language : English, German  DTS-HD Master Audio 2.0

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