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The Sea Chase (1955) - John Wayne  DVD

The Sea Chase (1955) - John Wayne DVD

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The Sea Chase (1955)

German naval officer Karl Ehrlich loves his country but hates Hitler. Busted to the command of a lowly freighter docked in Australia as World War II erupts, Ehrlich must choose: be interned by the British or sail to Germany so his men can determine their own fates. On a foggy night, Ehrlich decides - and casts off!

John Wayne as Ehrlich and Lana Turner as a woman into Nazi espionage are a formidable romantic team in this harrowing adventure directed by John Farrow (Wake Island, Hondo). Through a relentless high-seas pursuit, Ehrlich drives his exhausted men (James Arness, Tab Hunter and others). The pursuing British have the navy that rules the waves. The freighter Ergenstrasse has the Duke. Any action fan knows that's an even - and exciting match!

Starring :

John Wayne, Lana Turner, Tan Hunter

Director :

John Farrow


Running time : 117 Minutes

Language : English

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