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The Seventh Sign (1988) - Demi Moore  DVD

The Seventh Sign (1988) - Demi Moore DVD


The Seventh Sign (1988)

An apocalyptic science fiction thriller with all kinds of bizarre goings-on including icy deserts, dead ocean life and rivers running with blood.

Time is running out. Revelation is at hand - rivers running red with blood, a desert is found shrouded in ice and the moon has turned crimson. Six signs of the Apocalypse have come to pass. Now only one woman can stop The Seventh Sign. Demi Moore stars as Abby Quinn, a young woman who discovers that she and her unborn child play a terrifying part in the chain of events destined to end the world. Already troubled with a difficult pregnancy, Abby grows more distraught when she and her husband rent their studio apartment to David, a mysterious drifter. Now submerged in violent metaphysical experiences, Abby realizes that David is carrying out the mystical prophesies of "Judgement Day," and that she has been chosen as the instrument of The Seventh Sign. But can one woman alone stand between the wrath of God and the future of mankind?

Starring :

Demi Moore, Jürgen Prochnow, Michael Biehnm John Heard

Director :

Carl Schultz


Running time : 97 Minutes

Language : English


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