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The Super Cops (1974) - Ron Leibman  DVD

The Super Cops (1974) - Ron Leibman DVD


The Super Cops (1974)

Better cool your jets, all you Bed-Stuy dealers, operators and lowlifes: the heat that will take you down is on the street. The Super Cops zippily chronicles the crime-busting adventures of David Greenberg and Robert Hantz, the unorthodox police duo "who became known, not always fondly, as Batman and Robin," writes Vincent Canby in his review in The New York Times. "The nicknames define the comic-book style of the film," Canby adds, a film directed by renowned Life photojournalist and Shaft filmmaker Gordon Parks and amped by enthusiastic performances from leads Ron Leibman and David Selby. The real-life Greenberg and Hantz appear in the film in news footage and in bit roles.

Starring :

Ron Leibman, David Selby

Director :

Gordon Parks


Running time : 94 Minutes

Language : English


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