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The Twilight Zone (1960) : Season 2 Disc 3  DVD  Colorized Version

The Twilight Zone (1960) : Season 2 Disc 3 DVD Colorized Version


The Twilight Zone (1960) : Season 2 Disc 3

Colorized Version

Includes episodes 13-18 

13. Back There

At a prominent club in Washington, D.C., a socialite argues about whether it would be possible to change history by traveling back in time. When he leaves the club he finds himself in 1865, on the night that President Lincoln will be shot.

Starring :

Russell Johnson, Paul Hartman


14. The Whole Truth

A used car salesman buys a car that dooms him to tell only the truth.

Starring :

Jack Carson, Loring Smith


15. The Invaders

When a woman investigates a clamor on the roof of her rural house, she discovers a small UFO and little aliens emerging from it. Or so it seems.

Starring :

Agnes Moorehead, Douglas Heyes


16.  A Penny For Your Thoughts

Gaining telepathic abilities when his coin lands on its edge, bank clerk Hector B. Poole learns about the difference between other people's plans and fantasies.

Starring :

Dick York, June Dayton


17. Twenty Two

While in the hospital recovering from overwork, Liz Powell keeps dreaming about going down to the hospital morgue.

Starring :

Barbara Nichols, Jonathan Harris


18. The Odyssey Of Flight 33

Passing through the sound barrier, a commercial airliner inadvertently travels back in time.

Starring :

John Anderson, Paul Comi, Sandy Kenyon



Running time : 6x 25 Minutes

Language : English

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