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The War Lord (1965) - Charlton Heston  DVD

The War Lord (1965) - Charlton Heston DVD


The War Lord (1965)

This film marked the first collaboration between Academy Award winners Charlton Heston (Ben-Hur) and Franklin Schaffner (Patton), who later directed Heston and co-star Maurice Evans in Planet of the Apes. In the 11th century, the powerful Duke William of Ghent sends his most trusted knight, Chrysagon (Heston), and a troop of warriors to guard Normandy's coastal settlements from plunder and pillage by Frisian raiders. Smitten with Bronwyn (Rosemary Forsyth), the foster child of village elder Odins (Niall MacGinnis), the war lord is tempted simply to take her, under the feudal custom of droit de seigneur, but finds he is falling in love. John Collier (Sylvia Scarlett) and Oscar nominee Millard Kaufman (Bad Day at Black Rock) adapted this sweeping historical romance from a play by the late Leslie Stevens, who also created TV's The Outer Limits.

Starring :

Charlton Heston, Richard Boone

Director :

Franklin Schaffner


Running time : 121 Minutes

Language : English



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