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The Woman In The Window (1944) - Colorized Version DVD


The Woman In The Window (1944)

Colorized Version

Richard Wanley (Edward G. Robinson) is no criminal... at least, he wasn't until he met "the woman in the window." With his wife and kids out of town, the chaste professor engages in an innocent flirtation with a chance acquaintance (Joan Bennett)... and inadvertently commits a shocking and unspeakable crime! But that's just the beginning of his problems, for as the cunning D.A. (Raymond Massey) - one of Wanley's dearest friends - gets closer and closer to identifying the killer, Wanley finds he's more and more willing to resort to desperate measures to avoid being caught.

Masterfully directed by the legendary Fritz Lang (Metropolis), The Woman In The Window is "a thriller with the logic and plausibility of a nightmare" (Pauline Kael) and suspense-laden, gripping entertainment!

Starring :

Edward G. Robinson, Raymond Massey

Director :

Fritz Lang


Running time : 99 minutes

Language : English

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