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Thunderbirds Are Go (1968) - Gerry Anderson DVD

Thunderbirds Are Go (1968) - Gerry Anderson DVD


Thunderbirds Are Go (1968)

Blast off into interplanetary adventure with the first feature-length film starring the International Rescue team: millionaire ex-astronaut Jeff Tracy, his five stalwart sons, the fabulous secret agent Lady Penelope and, of course, their incredibly futuristic fleet of Thunderbird rescue ships!

When the mighty spaceship Zero X is sabotaged on its first take-off for Mars, International Rescue is summoned to provide security for the second launch attempt. But after the ship successfully reaches its destination, it is attacked by rampaging alien life forms! Once again, the brave and resourceful International Rescue team is called into action. Can the team help the damaged ship re-enter Earth's atmosphere and prevent a crash-landing with devastating consequences?

Starring :

Sylvia Anderson, Ray Barrett, Alexander Davion

Director :

David Lane


Running time : 93 Minutes

Language : English



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