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Tideland (2005) - Terry Gilliam  HD DVD

Tideland (2005) - Terry Gilliam HD DVD


Tideland (2005) 



Jeliza-Rose, a young girl (Jodelle Ferland) is f-rced to live in a terrifying and gruesome world. After her mother dies, her father (Four-Time Oscar-Nominee Jeff Bridges) takes her away to a desolate farmhouse. In order to escape the harsh reality of her childhood, she drifts into a bizarre fantasy world where only her dolls' heads keep her company. The line between her imagination and reality quickly disappears when she meets a mentally damaged man and a tall ghost-like woman who share in her adventures. Tideland is a spine-chilling tale from the visionary mind of acclaimed director Terry Gilliam.

Starring :

Jeff Bridges, Brendan Fletcher, Jennifer Tilly

Director :

Terry Gilliam


Running time : 120 Minutes

Language : English, German  DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1

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