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UFO : The Complete TV Series (1969-1970) - Gerry Anderson (7 DVD Set)


UFO : The Complete TV Series (1969-1970) 

All 26 Episodes - 7 DVD Set

The year is 1980, and the aliens have landed. But they do not come in peace - they are capturing humans to harvest their organs, apparently in an attempt to extend their own lives. Earth's only hope is S.H.A.D.O. (Supreme Headquarters Alien Defence Organization), led by the stalwart Ed Straker. Working in complete secrecy, its operatives deploy an incredible arsenal of high-tech weapons to stop the extra-terrestrial invaders...

The first live-action series from Gerry Anderson (Thunderbirds, Stingray), and the precursor to Space: 1999. UFO features a strong cast, gripping story lines and extraordinarily special effects by Derek Meddings (The Spy Who Loved Me, Batman).

Starring :

Delores Mantez, Ed Bishop, George Sewell


Running time : 26 x 47 Minutes

Language : English

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