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Voyage To The Planet Of Prehistoric Women (1968)  DVD

Voyage To The Planet Of Prehistoric Women (1968) DVD


Voyage To The Planet Of Prehistoric Women (1968) 

In 1967, Roger Corman found himself wading in a morass of sci-fi stock footage, purchased from a Russian picture called Planeta Burg. He'd already used it in Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet and Queen of Blood and figuired why not go to the well one more time. Roger handed the footage to assistant Peter Bogdanovich, who promptly fashioned a kinetic, rapidfire, and langorous tale of some Russian astronauts who come to rescue some other Russian astronauts on the planet Venus. Along the way, they encounter prehistoric monsters and a group of telepathic Venusian Beach Girls who worship a pterosaur. Mamie Van Doen is the star of Voyage To The Planet Of Prehistoric Women as "Moana" - leader of the Gill Women - and it is her performance in this film that rivals Ben Johnson's work in The Last Picture Show. Indeed, Voyage To The Planet Of Prehistoric Women could very well be that tale of dying memories and compromised young lives in post-war 1950s Texas, but for the setting, time frame, locale, storyline and character breakdowns. Peter Bogdanovich also narrates Voyage To The Planet Of Prehistoric Women, giving it an emotional core predating Soderbergh's combination of raw feeling and sci-fi in Solaris by at least 35 years, maybe less. Indeed, after seeing - and hearing - Bogdanovich's work in Voyage To The Planet Of Prehistoric Women, Boris Karloff himself insisted that Corman hire the young filmmaker for Targets. RetroMedia's transfer is from a colorful film element, culled from the best elements currently available to RetroMedia. It is in color and it is in focus. And the sound is there. - Thron Sherman, author "Last Gasps: Horrible Horrors From Horror Heroes"

Starring :

Mamie Van Doren, Paige Lee

Director :

Peter Bogdanovich


Running time : 85 Minutes

Language : English

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