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Walking Tall (1973) - Joe Don Baker  DVD

Walking Tall (1973) - Joe Don Baker DVD


Walking Tall (1973)

An astonishing, action-packed thriller, the critical and box office sensation Walking Tall stars Joe Don Baker (The Dukes Of Hazzard) as Buford Pusser, the tall, no nonsense sheriff who fought a tremendous uphill battle to clean up his hometown. When ex wrestler Buford moves back home to Tennessee with his family, several corrupt locals attack him and leave him in a ditch to die. But with surprising support from the town, Buford is elected sheriff. Now with his fiery rage released, he steps up his mission to clean up the entire county, usually brandishing a large club that acts as judge, jury, and executioner! Based on a true story, this is the original revenge film: a masterpiece of mayhem whose kill of be killed fights still resonate with audiences today. Walking Tall is a testament to the legendary sheriff who decided it was time for payback....who became one of the most popular movie heroes of all time!

Starring :

Joe Don Baker, Pepper Martin

Director :

Phil Karlson


Running time : 124 Minutes

Language : English



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