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War Hunt (1962) - Robert Redford  DVD

War Hunt (1962) - Robert Redford DVD


War Hunt (1962)

For some soldiers, the fighting never stops...even when the battle is over. Oscar winner Robert Redford makes a memorable big-screen debut in this "subtle, poignant, carefully engraved film" (The New Yorker) about the darker side of war.

During the final bloody weeks of the Korean War, idealistic Private Loomis (Redford) is sent to the front lines as a replacement in a battle-weary platoon. But when he learns that a reclusive fellow soldier named Endore has been sneaking behind enemy lines to kill under the cover of darkness, Loomis fears that Endore isn't just a fearless warrior...but an unpredictable, sinister predator who could prove more dangerous than the enemy!

Starring :

John Saxon, Robert Redford

Director :

Dennis Sanders


Running time : 83 Minutes

Language : English



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